Snowflake Designer

Design your own snowflake!

The visitors of Dubai’s EXPO have the opportunity to design their own snowflake and have it made by the autonomous 3D print farm. If you have a 3D printer at home, you can try our snowflake designer, too! Use the two sliders in the app below to design your own snowflake and then get the STL file so you can print it yourself!

Why snowflakes?

Unique and mesmerizing, snowflakes are tiny crystals made of frozen water, which grow around particles in moisture-saturated, subfreezing air masses. About one septillion (a trillion trillion) ice crystals drop from the sky each year worldwide, bringing joy and opportunities for all sorts of activities. And no two snowflakes are the same! If you look at them closely, under a microscope, you will discover an infinite number of beautiful variations.

This is what makes snowflakes ideal for demonstrating the power of 3D printing: each object can be unique, completely different from the rest, and you can start producing it immediately. Skip the lengthy and expensive process of preparing molds which are only good for larger-batch production. Simply upload a print file and start manufacturing.